Wenzel Downhole Tools

Wenzel Downhole Tools is the leading motor and drilling tool supplier, with worldwide operation supporting the oilfield and construction industries. Wenzel's reputation for quality is upheld through excellence in design, expertise and customer focus.

Wenzel offers a variety of rugged tools, versatile to a wide range of drilling applications. Product lines include motors, jars, shock tools, accelerators, agitators, and bumper subs.

Millennium Motors With design, materials and manufacturing processes that are always improving, our line of drilling motors continues to offer users the highest efficiency for their drilling applications. Patented enhancements have also led to an increased torsional capacity for higher torque transmissions within our motors. Millennium Motors Designed for durability, WZL’s Millennium motors provide customers with an extended, reliable service life.

Ultimate Drilling Jars Using proprietary new technology, WZL has been able to dramatically increase the allowable overpull force with its Ultimate Drilling Jars.

Downhole Shock Tool, the Wenzel Downhole Shock Tool effectively reduces impact loading on the bit to extend bit life and reduce bit trips. By isolating axial bit vibrations from the drill string, the Shock Tool will reduce lateral and torsional drill string vibrations, and related fatigue damage or failure of the rotary connections. The Shock Tool allows optimum bit speed to be used under rough drilling conditions, increasing the rate of penetration.


Wenzel Downhole Tools