NEXT Compression Corp

NEXT Compression Corp is a leading provider of natural gas compression equipment, service, and retrofits servicing North America, Australia, Indonesia and Russia. A culmination of over 70 years of industry experience and unparalleled expertise drives us to deliver truly innovative gas compression solutions.

Starting with a strong passion to serve, combined with deep industry experience in everything we do, NEXT is well equipped to deliver quality, industry-leading solutions for your gas compression requirements, including design and fabrication of gas compressor packages, eld service, maintenance, overhauls and retro ts. We specialize in the design and fabrication of compressor packages for virtually any application utilizing reciprocating rotary screw and rotary vane compressors from 10 to 5,000HP.

In addition to packaged gas compression solutions, NEXT o ers integrated eld service and maintenance, with service centers and technicians strategically located in our customers’ core operational areas. With our advanced expertise in overhauls, we are capable of upgrading, modifying or overhauling compressor equipment up to 8,000 HP. Our retro t method is backed by our proprietary OptiFit process that has been recognized as leading technology in the industry for over a decade, and rounds out our capabilities as a full service provider.