The DEW GmbH provides products and services for the petroleum and geothermal industry for over 25 years now. One of our key business segment is the development, production and service of high quality Liner Hanger systems for the national and international market. Further key business segments are our Tubular/Casing Running Service as well as our in-house machining.

Due to this high range of product and service possibilites, combined with our long-time experience in this business, we were able to establish a very good position in the market and are able to provide a wide range of different services and products from j ust one source. Besides our established standard product range we are offering demand­ oriented problem solving as well as flexible customization of products and services as per customer's request.

Liner Hanger System Since the start of the production and running of our own liner systems in 1998 we have been building up our reputation for the petroleum and geothermal industry responding to the expectations of the major German and international production actors.

DEW provides a high service level and top quality equipment to ensure an efficient and economical solution for the liner installation. Our product line is able to cover most challenging well requirements in order to give full satisfaction to our customers.

It is providing a full range of equipment matching nowadays production planning, multilateral well demands, high corrosive environments and two-stage cementing operations whether with hydraulic or mechanical applications.

Our flexibility, our qualified people and our ambition for a continuous improvement, research and development of new innovative technologies consolidate our position as liner system manufacturer. As a result of our flexibility and high quality machinery we are able to provide short delivery and short lead times, even with custom-made changes before and during the production.

DEW Service GmbH